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Legacy Download and Installation Help

Before you phone or send an email for assistance, please check to see if your question is answered below. Usually you can find the help you need right away without the expense of a long distance phone call or the delay of an email message. (We are closed evenings, weekends and major US holidays.) Click here if the information you want isn't here and you need to contact us.

System Requirements

System requirements for Legacy 8.0

Click Here for help with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers

Installing from the Web

How do I download Legacy 8.0?

How do I download and re-install Legacy 8.0 Deluxe without paying again?

How to Install or Update with No or Slow Internet Service

I can't find Legacy 8.0 Deluxe to download

How do I install an Update to Legacy 8.0?

Where can I download the previous editions of Legacy (version 7.5 and earlier)?

Download Problems

I didn't get the installation password

My password doesn't work

After downloading and installing Legacy, I click the Finish button and the setup begins all over again

There is no Legacy icon (shortcut) on my desktop screen after installing Legacy

"Can't initialize..." when installing (with Trend Micro PC-cillin as anti-virus program)

Setup File Corrupt, Damaged or Wrong Size

'Could not communicate to the network server' or 'Could not retrieve update information from the internet'

Disconnected when downloading

Network Error 3 and/or HTTP Error 404: File not found

Installing Legacy 8.0 over previous editions

Should I backup my current family files before opening them in Legacy 8.0?

What will happen to my family file? Will I lose it?

What will happen to the user settings from my previous version?  Will I lose them?

Does an older Legacy have to be installed before I install the new Legacy 8.0?

Will Legacy 8.0 overwrite my old Legacy program?

Should I uninstall my older version of Legacy first?

I installed Legacy 8.0 over my old Legacy but it still starts as Legacy 7.5

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Deluxe Edition Problems and Issues

How do I unlock the Deluxe Edition features of Legacy 8.0?

I just bought Legacy Deluxe but didn't get a Deluxe Customer Number

I lost my Deluxe Customer Number

Legacy 8.0 Deluxe is not on my CD

I can't find Legacy 8.0 Deluxe to download

Legacy won't accept my Deluxe Customer number

Problems with Legacy after downloading/installing

Can't open my family files after upgrading/updating Legacy program

Can't convert database after re-installing Legacy

Error 7 - Can't start Legacy

Error 13 - Type mismatch. Could not create destination

Error 2007 - Invalid Bands Collection

Error Opening Database after upgrading Legacy program

The language file legacy.lng is the wrong version

Can't find my family files after upgrading to Legacy 8.0

When installing Legacy I receive a Setup Initialization Error

Other Installation Problems

I have two or more Legacy icons on the desktop

Installing Legacy to a different location

AU Code Not Accepted in Premium Edition

The IMSI version of Legacy doesn't finish installing because of an error "The file F:\LegacyManual\Legacy 4 Manual.PDF could not be opened"

Problems When Using Legacy

Click here for errors and problems that occur when using Legacy

Learn How to Use Legacy

Other frequently asked questions

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