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Download Legacy 8.0 Update

If your build date of version 8 is earlier then the following, then you can install this update.

Current Version is:
Build Date of: 7 December 2016

What's New In This Update?

Click here to see the complete revision history.

Download Legacy 8.0 update

  • A valid email address is required. We will email a password to you that is required for the installation. During the install you will be asked to enter a PASSWORD. If you have anti-spam software, please add to the program's Approved list to ensure you receive it.
  • This download will overwrite earlier versions with Legacy 8.0 Standard Edition. If you are using the Deluxe Edition of Legacy 7.5 or earlier you will need to buy the Legacy 8.0 Deluxe upgrade if you wish to continue using your deluxe features. Special upgrade prices Legacy Deluxe users of earlier versions are available by visiting:
  • Your email address and any optional Name and Address information will be kept confidential.

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  Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need this update? If your build date and version is earlier than the version here, then yes, download this update.

How do I find out what build date and version I have? First, open Legacy. Click Help > About > General Information to find out.

Is there an easier way to get the update other than downloading it here? Yes. Deluxe Edition customers never have to come to this website to manually download and install the update. From the Legacy Home tab, Deluxe Edition users can click on the update link and Legacy does the rest.

Earlier versions of Legacy. If you need to download an earlier version of Legacy, click here.

Other languages. To download Legacy in another language, click here.

Need to reinstall the Deluxe Edition? Simply download the Standard Edition, then enter your Deluxe customer number during installation.


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