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How to Automatically Update Your Legacy Program
Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista Compatibility
Solutions by Error Number
Solutions by Error Description 
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This guide is provided to help our customers during those times (evenings, weekends and holidays) when we are not available to answer our phones, respond to e-mail messages or answer faxes. In addition our phone line often get quite busy and you may need to leave a message. 

When you have a question or problem, please follow the steps below before contacting us.  It may save you the cost of a long distance phone call or delay in responding to email.

Click here for contact information.

Read Me First: Ten Easy Things Everybody Can Do

  1. Make certain that your computer meets minimum system requirements: 
  • Pentium class computer.
  • VGA or higher display.
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME*,  Windows 98*, Windows NT, Windows 2000 (Legacy runs on newer Macs with Windows installed under Bootcamp, Parallel  or Fusion. Legacy runs on Linux machines with a Windows emulator like VMWare or Sun's Virtual Box)
  • A Hard Disk with 97.8 megabytes of available space.
  • A CD-ROM drive.
  • 256 megabytes of RAM minimum.
  • A mouse.
  • Internet connection recommended.
  • IE7 if you want to use the Bing Mapping feature.

* Win 95, Win 98, and Win Me need all available Microsoft Service Packs installed.

Click Here for help with Windows Vista computers

  1. Check the online User's Guide for solutions

The Help system contains many tutorials and instructions. Often, the information you are seeking is available in the online User's Guide. When you run into a problem, or have a question while using Legacy, click on Help or press F1. The help system is context-sensitive and tries to answer questions about the current task.

The Legacy Help file now has a new topic called "New Features Not in the Manual." This contains a summary of all the new things that have been added to Legacy since the manual was printed. You should refer to this topic each time a new update is posted on our web site. You can find the top from the Contents page of the Help file under the Overview heading.  (If this section does not appear in Help, please update your Legacy program.)

Click Here for additional guidance in using the Legacy program.

Click Here to view Legacy Training Videos for Beginners.

  1. Quit the program and reboot your computer

Sometimes Windows just needs a fresh start.

  1. Make sure you can repeat the problem

Often, trying to recreate a problem leads to a better understanding of the cause. Sometimes the problem will never recur.

  1.  Always make sure that Legacy 8.0 has the latest Update (build) installed

Many problems have already been fixed in the Updates. Your problem may be one of them. 
Legacy 8.0 will automatically connect you to the most current Update.

When contacting Technical Support it is important that your program have the same version number as our Technical Support Representative's. You can also find the build date of your Legacy program by clicking on  Help > About > General Information. The build date line is in the middle of the second line.

Click Here for Update problems with Legacy running under Windows Vista.

Note: This update will result in serious problems if installed over Legacy 2.0 and overwrite Legacy 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 7.5 Deluxe with Legacy 8.0 Standard Edition. (The Deluxe features will no longer be available.) If you are using the Deluxe Edition of an earlier version, you will need to buy the Legacy 8.0 Deluxe upgrade if you wish to continue using your deluxe features. Special upgrade prices for Legacy 7.5 (and earlier) Deluxe users are available by visiting:

  1. Run ScanDisk on your hard drive

If there are Legacy file errors on your hard disk from sudden power loss, improper shut down or computer lock up, ScanDisk will fix them.

  1. Run a virus scan of your hard drive

Viruses can corrupt or delete files that programs need to run correctly. Be certain to scan your backup disks for viruses also and make sure your antiviral software is up-to-date.

  1. If your family file becomes unusable, restore it from your most recent backup copy

Click here for guidance in making and restoring backup files.

  1. If you are a Legacy Deluxe user, keep your Deluxe Customer Number handy. 

Write the number in the front of your users guide, print out the e-mail order confirmations, and/or keep the invoice from Millennia Corp. You never know when you may need the number to contact us or unlock the Deluxe features again in the event you have to re-install Legacy.

  1. If you are using an earlier version of Legacy, please upgrade to Legacy 8.0. The standard edition is FREE!

Click here for help with downloading and installing Legacy 8.0.  Many problems in earlier editions have been fixed in Legacy Family Tree 8.0.  (We are no longer correcting problems in earlier editions.)

Download & Installation Help:

Click here for help with downloading and installing Legacy and unlocking the Deluxe Edition features.

Click Here for help with Windows Vista computers

Click here for help installing Legacy 8.0 to a different location.

How to Automatically Update Your Legacy Program: 

Click Here for information on updating your Legacy program.

Solutions by Error Number:

Network Error 3 and/or HTTP Error 404: File not found

Error 5

Error 7

Error 9

Error 13

Error 48: File not found: wininet.dll

Error 51

Error 53 - file not found

Error 70

Error 75

Error 76  Path not found

Error 91 (Not related to backup)

Error 91 during backup

Error 339

Error 360

Error 372

Error 380

Error 400

Error 402 and 405

HTTP Error 404: File not found

Error 429

Error 503

Error 507

Error 508

Error 526

Error 527

Error 530

Error 1007

Error 1706

Error 2007 - Invalid Bands Collection

Error 3011

Error 3019

Error 3021

Error 3022

Error 3163

Error 3167

Error 3197

Error 3260 when creating a Potential Problems Report

Error 3265

Error 3276

Error 3800


Error 32757

2147417848 Automation Error

Other errors with numbers

Solutions by Error Description:

Backup and Restore Problems

How to backup and restore  in Legacy Family Tree 8.0

How to backup and restore in Legacy Family Tree 6.0 and earlier

Multimedia File Backup and File Restoration

Error 91 during backup

Backup Error 503 and 507

Backup Error: 508, Cannot move temporary file to target zip file

Error 526 while restoring a family file

Error 527 - At least one 'skipping file' event was triggered because an error prevented a file from being processed

Error 530 - The license key required to use this control was not found or is invalid

Backup Error 3163



Legacy Charting 7 Pre-Release Version Expiration

Legacy Charting - Access violation

Freezing, Crashing, General Protection Faults, Invalid Page Faults

Access Violation, Invalid Page Faults, Illegal Operation message & General Protection Faults

Legacy Crashes the Computer

Legacy freezes or locks up

Download and Installation Problems

Download & Installation Help

After installing Legacy, I click the Finish button and the setup begins all over again

There is no Legacy icon (shortcut) on my desktop screen after installing Legacy

Network Error 3 and/or HTTP Error 404: File not found

The Message File record # 12601 was not found.... The Message File record#12655 was not found.... etc., etc.

Windows Vista issues

Family File/Database Questions and Problems

How do I move my Legacy Family File from one computer to another?

How do I move my Legacy pictures from one computer to another?

I Lost My Family File! What Should I Do?

I entered people into my family file, but the next time I opened it they were gone.

Can't open family file
Can't open family file on CD or DVD

You do not have permission to open this file

Error opening database
Error Opening file - Could not lock file - Do you want TO TRY AGAIN

Error Opening Database: Active X Component Missing

Error Messages

DLL or OCX file is changed, missing or invalid

Error in frmMDIMAIN

Error Opening Message File. Could not lock file.

Error Saving History List

The language file legacy.lng is the wrong version

SmartSound QuickTracks Pugin error

GEDCOM File Problems

GEDCOM File Problems
GEDCOM files have Family Tree Maker icons
Bad Dates in a GEDCOM file

Geo Location Database Problems

Geo Location Database installation help

Help File

Help file format not supported by Vista

Internet Searches

Internet Search (


Error 3019 - Run-time error '3019' Operation invalid without a current index

Mapping does not work

Notes and Spell Check Problems

Black Notes screen in Legacy

Global Spell Check does not work

Notes won't open

Spell Check Errors
Spell Check wipes out the first word in Notes
Spell Check Errors with Legacy 3.0 and a Later Version Installed on Same PC
Wspell.ocx errors

Picture Problems

Pictures Problems

Printing and PDF File Problems

Can't Create PDF file or PDF files missing pages

PDF file created in Legacy is blank/can't be read in Adobe Acrobat Version 7

PDF File Error - Font has not been set

Printing Problems and PDF File Problems

Printer Setup Error 32757 The common dialog function was unable to lock the memory associated with a handle

Windows Vista issues

Screen Problems

Legacy Home view blank
Black screens in Legacy
Some screens are black, or colors are bad/blotchy

Screens do not size of fit properly or flow off the monitor
The Legacy screen flickers

Blank lines in the Name List and people are missing

Text Does Not Fit in Screens or Grids

Toolbar Buttons

I want to customize my Toolbar

The Legacy Charting and Mapping toolbar buttons are missing in Legacy Family Tree 8.0

Toolbar Icons Missing in Family or Pedigree View

Unlocking Legacy Deluxe

Unlocking Legacy Deluxe

Update Problems

How to Automatically Update Your Legacy Program

The language file legacy.lng is the wrong version

Windows Vista update problems

Video Training

Video Training for Legacy has sound problems

Web Page Creation

Web Page Creation Error. RIN is greater than 9,999,999...

Other Problems

Legacy is slow

Legacy locks up or freezes

SmartSound QuickTracks Plugin error

Errors not listed on this page

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