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Get the 200 page Digital Family Guidebook in PDF when you order Heritage Collector Suite.



Many Useful Features in ONE Program

  • Get Organized.
  • Find Anything In Seconds.
  • Create Slideshows.
  • Share and Preserve.
  • Label Everyone In a Group Photo.
  • Save Hard Drive Space.
  • Create PDFs.
  • Install and Use on an External Hard Drive.
  • Includes the Digital Family History Guidebook (PDF).
  • Video Tutorials Make it Easy to Learn and Use.
  • More Features.


Get the help you need for family history projects. The Digital Family History Guidebook is easy to read and understand. No confusing computer jargon. Over 200 pages of step-by-step instructions covering many topics. Many photos and screen shots help walk you through each process.

Table of Contents
  1. Where To Begin? - an introduction.
  2. Easier Scanning - with superior results.
  3. Working With Sound - and doing much more
  4. Digital Cameras, Video and GPS and Converting Old Home Movies.
  5. Digital Scrapbooking - going digital.
  6. Interactive Story Telling - getting everyone involved
  7. Creating a Bound History - combining digital with paper.
  8. Preserving and Archiving - protecting your treasures.
  9. Understanding Your Computer - keeping it simple.

Additional Features - Do it right the first time.

Tips & Shortcuts.
Things to Avoid.

Step-by-Step Instructions.
Searchable in PDF format.
Full Color Pages.

Get the Digital Family Guidebook Free in PDF when you order Heritage Collector Suite.

Chapter 8 - Archiving and Preserving. Proper Care and Handling of CD/DVDs. pages 182-183 shown above.

Chapter 2 - Easier Scanning. Cropping samples.
 page 40-41shown above.



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