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Deluxe Edition

Order your personal copy of Legacy Family Tree 8.0  Deluxe Edition for only $29.95 (download only) or $39.95 plus shipping and get the book and CD.  
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Upgrade to the Deluxe Version

Those who purchased an earlier version of Legacy Deluxe Edition can upgrade to the new 8.0 Deluxe Edition for just $21.95

Legacy Family Tree Video Training Series - Vol. 1

This series contains the following CDs:

   • Legacy for Beginners
   • Mastering Legacy: Names, Dates & Places
   • Your 12-Step Checklist to Using Legacy
   • Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources
   • Researching with Legacy: Mastering
      Events & Chronologies

A $49.75 value for only $32.95!

• Origins Report - See where you came from and the percentage of "blood" you have from your countries of origin with the new Origins Report.
• Migration Mapping - Legacy animates the ancestor's movement through time. Watch how they migrated from place to place. View their migration in street, aerial, or 3D modes. Hover over the balloon to see what happened in each location.
• Shared Events - Save time and avoid errors by sharing an event amongst all the individuals who participated in the event. You can specify each person's role in the event.
• Source Quality - Now record the quality (original vs derivative, primary vs secondary, etc., direct vs indirect) of each source as you attempt to prove your conclusions.
• And much, much more!
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The award-winning Legacy Family Tree comes in two editions:

View the
Legacy Training Videos
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Legacy's features & system requirements
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Join us on a genealogy cruise of a lifetime.
Legacy Family Tree's 14th Annual Cruise.

2017 Seattle Pacific Coastal Genealogy Cruise
Sept. 22 - Sept. 29


Try Legacy 8.0 at no risk!  The Standard Edition is  free!  Click here for details
Legacy 8.0 Deluxe is everything that the Standard Edition is and so much more!  Click here for details

The feature-rich Legacy 8.0 makes it easy to preserve your genealogical information. Family trees containing millions of people can be recorded, displayed and reported in a variety of styles and formats. Legacy 8.0 includes all standard genealogical reports, as well as calendars, timelines, questionnaires, research logs and a multitude of blank forms and more!

Click here to take the guided tour of the main features of Legacy Family Tree 8.0.

Take a look at our list of some of the differences between Legacy and PAF, Family Tree Maker and others.  Granted, this list is coming from a biased point of view, but we feel that Legacy has a lot of great features that our competitors left out.  Features that make using the program faster and easier. 

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• Legacy Family Tree 8.0 offers more powerful searching. Searching your Legacy data is easier than ever before. Choose from dozens of new search fields to find just the information you have been looking for. Easily create a list of individuals with missing sources and other missing information.

• Now Attach Any Document to Individuals and Marriages - Along with attaching pictures, sounds, and video to individuals, events, locations, and sources, you can now also attach any other kind of document (PDFs, Word files, etc.).  More info...

Legacy 8.0 Deluxe Edition is loaded with lots of powerful tools.   More info...

Afrikaans (Afrikaans),   Czech,   Dansk (Danish),   Deutsch (German),   Español (Spanish),   Français (French),   Italiano (Italian),   Nederlands (Dutch),   Norsk - Bokmål Norwegian),   Norsk - Nynorsk (Norwegian),   Portuguese (Portugal),   Suomi (Finnish),   Svenska (Swedish),  

English Translations:
There are also four versions of English that are all included in the English version of Legacy:
* English (Australia) * English (Canada) * English (United Kingdom) * English (USA*

Other Translations:
We are also working on several other international versions of Legacy and our translation teams have made great progress. Public testing for several of them has already begun. If you would like to help test one of our new International versions of Legacy, please Click Here.

Heritage Collector
Collector Suite
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Tree Draw Legacy
for Legacy
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Map My Family Tree
Map My
Family Tree
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Charting Companion
Legacy Charting
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for Legacy
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for Legacy
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