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  • Fixing Bad Relationship Links in Your Family File
  • Global Spell Checking




  • Counting Ancestors....




There is a new Legacy 5.0 update available (Version - Build Date of 26 March 2005). You can update your Legacy program by clicking on Internet > Check for Legacy Update... and following the prompts. Updates are free patches and enhancements that add new features, repair bugs, replace damaged/missing files, and bring your program up to date. Updating will keep your program in "good health" and make sure that all of Legacy's many features will work at their best.

This update is for both the Standard and Deluxe editions of Legacy 5.0. The updates are always cumulative, which means if you missed the last two or three, the current build will catch up you on all the enhancements and corrections of the past.

The update process has been streamlined for Legacy 5.0 Deluxe users: You won't need to enter your e-mail address or use a password when updating your program. If you are not a registered user, you can get the free update by clicking on the blue www.LegacyFamilyTree.com link in the screen. Be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly, so that you will receive the installation password, and please read the screens carefully.

You can view the enhancements, corrections and changes to Legacy by clicking on the blue See What's New link.

The Check For Update screen will show you the build date of your program, which should be 26 March 2005.

You can also check for the build date by clicking on Help > General Information and checking the build date in the middle of the second line of the General Information window. The free update is also available by visiting www.legacyfamilytree.com/DownloadUpdate.asp.

Note: This update will not update (patch) Legacy 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.0. This update will overwrite earlier versions with Legacy 5.0 Standard Edition. If you are using the Deluxe Edition of Legacy 3.0 or 4.0, you will need to buy the Legacy 5.0 Deluxe upgrade if you wish to continue using your deluxe features. Special upgrade prices for Legacy 4.0 Deluxe users are available by visiting: www.legacyfamilytree.com/DeluxeUpgrade.asp


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In this video Barbara Renick will explain the types of reference tools available to genealogists on the Internet.  Click Here to order.


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In this amazing video Richard S. Wilson teaches you how to publish your own family history on the Internet.  Click Here to order.


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In this video, professional genealogist Sharon DeBartolo Carmack teaches you common cemetary trivia and tombstone composition, as well as tips for searching cemeteries and tombstones.  Click Here to order.


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  • Try Photomax and Get 15 Free Photo Reprints

In our never ending search to bring value to our customers, Legacy Family Tree has signed on with a new affiliate partner Photomax. Our new partner Photomax, is offering to all of our customers free online photo storage and file sharing for all of your digital pictures. In addition, they have built one of the world's finest, state of the art digitizing laboratories right in Provo, Utah, to digitize all of your existing prints/slides/negatives so they can be shared online with your family and friends as well. We especially liked the DVD Movie Magic where you are the star in your very own movie made from your own pictures.

Click here to take a look at our photo gallery of our staff, the people who bring you Legacy Family Tree: Photomax

Be sure and get your very own Free family photo web site. Take advantage of the first 15 free print promotion. Not only is your photo web site free, Photomax let's you pick out your first 15 prints absolutely free just for joining.


  • Cruise the Caribbean and Have Fun Learning Legacy from the Experts

Sail away on a seven-day Eastern Caribbean cruise aboard Carnival’s stately Victory ship, which leaves Miami, Florida on Sunday, 16 October 2005. In addition to cruising through the Caribbean Sea’s, you will have the opportunity to visit the ports of San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, NA and St. Thomas, USVI.  Each port has many exciting shore excursions.  

Classes will also teach you many of the powerful features of Legacy that will really help you advance your genealogical research. You will learn a lot and have a great time doing it.

Prices begin at US $517.00 per person, double occupancy port charges, taxes and Legacy classes included in this price for inside cabin.

• Inside cabin at the rate of US $517.00 per person.
• Ocean view cabin at the rate of $667.00 per person.
• Balcony cabin at the rate of $797.00 per person.

Port charges, taxes and Legacy classes included in all prices.  When the above cabins have sold the rate will be a lot higher if any are available, so take advantage of these low rates while they last!  Last year we sold out of all 100 booked cabins very quickly.  The rates are for the cruise only.  Air and ground transportation to and from the cruise are additional.  Optional pre-cruise or post-cruise hotel packages are available.

Our September 2004 cruise completely sold out.  We have already sold more then 1/3 of this years 100 cabins so please make your reservation now in order to be one of the lucky ones to come with us in October of 2005.  We have negotiated these prices for the first 100 cabins and the rates are guaranteed so don't delay reserving your space.  This price is guaranteed only until we run out of reserved cabins.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity. 

You may elect to pay the entire amount now or hold your cabin and lock in the price by paying only a $50.00 deposit.

You can download the cruise application form at this link. http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/cruiseorderform.asp  (after printing the form just click your browser's back button to return to this page).

In order to book your cruise we need for you to print this authorization form (click here for order form) and simply fill it out and fax it to Travelworks International Attn: Christy at 1-888-505-6997.

  • Once you have faxed in your form we will send you out your cruise confirmation. Boarding passes will be shipped directly to your home prior to sailing. If you have any more questions feel free to contact our office.

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  • Collection of Naturalization Cards from Saint Louis

The Saint Louis Genealogical Society now has online a collection of naturalization cards from Saint Louis, Missouri, 1816-1906. This collection includes over 93,000 records and is available at http://stlgs.org/NatSearch.aspx .

The cards are for naturalizations that took place in Saint Louis courts. They may be searched by name, address, country, the year naturalized, and the last name of the witness. You may also do a Soundex search.

Results are displayed in a table that includes name, country, year naturalized, and sometimes names of first and/or second witness. If you click on the first name of the person, you get a form that shows the name, country, full date of naturalization, and location of the original records. There are also spaces on the result form for address, notes, and card notations, but for the most part those were not populated on the records.

Each result also has a button called "What Do I Do Now?" which points searchers to places where they can get the original records offline.

(Thanks to ResearchBuzz.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Immigrant Ancestors Database

The Immigrant Ancestors Project, sponsored by Brigham Young University's Center for Family History and Genealogy, uses emigration records in emigrant home countries to locate the birthplaces of immigrants which are missing on many port records and naturalization documents in arrival countries.  Volunteers working with scholars and researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) are creating a database of millions of immigrants based on these emigration records.

To create the database, images of emigrant records are transmitted over the Web to hundreds of volunteers who extract their contents and send them back to the project team at Brigham Young University. BYU students are hired as part of the project team to supervise the volunteers and edit their work before adding it to the database.

This database will allow individuals access to their ancestor's birthplaces. When completed, the database will contain vital information and birthplaces of immigrants who came to the America's from all over the world between 1500 and 1940. We are currently extracting German and British data. This database will be free of charge. The projected completion date is set for 2012.

Faculty salaries, their offices and space for the project's operations are provided by BYU. A $4 million endowment will provide funding for the project in perpetuity. The annual operating costs for phases I, II, and III are $150,000.

Funds raised for the project through generous donors will pay wages to student researchers and provide microfilm, digital images or photocopies of immigrant records that will ultimately be extracted, indexed and made available to genealogists and family historians everywhere.

For more information about the Immigrant Ancestors Project see the project website at http://immigrants.byu.edu.


  • Online Resources and Databases for Herefordshire, England

More and more Internet resources and databases for Herefordshire are being added all the time. Check out these Web sites and see what you can find:

Herefordshire Surname Interests: List of surnames being researched in Herefordshire along with researchers' e-mail addresses

IGI Batch Numbers for Hereford, England

Herefordshire Monumental Inscriptions. A compilation index of all the names (51,223) listed on the Monumental Inscriptions which have so far been published on fiche

Herefordshire Poor Law Unions and Workhouses

1830 Pigot's Herefordshire Directory - Name Index

Pigot's Directory of Herefordshire, England 1830: Images Online

Pigot's Directory of Herefordshire, England 1840: Images Online

Medical Licenses Issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury 1535-1775 - Herefordshire

History of Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire, England : A Collection of Notes

Herefordshire Sources in the Library of the Society of Genealogists

The Wills of Herefordshire. Miscellaneous Will Extracts

Quaker Family History Society - Herefordshire Records Locations

Parish of Colwall, Herefordshire, England Registers : Baptisms 1723-1896, Marriages 1723-1933, Burials 1813-1863

Parish Registers of Bishops Frome, Herefordshire : Marriages 1754-1923, Burials 1800-1826

Registers of Sarnesfield, Herefordshire. Images online of a 1898 publication of the Parish Register Society

Herefordshire, England Poll Books 1852 & 1868: Transcriptions (from microfilm) of some Districts and Parishes of Herefordshire

History of Aconbury, Herefordshire, England: A Collection of Notes for Family Historians


The Legacy affiliate program is by far one of the best opportunities on the Internet. We are experiencing some major growth and it's time for you to cash in on some of the profits. You make money on the traffic and the Legacy sales that you generate.

It is completely free to join and all you have to do to participate is advertise the special address that we will provide you. After someone clicks, our tracking software will take care of the rest. It will follow your customer through our site to make sure you get commissions for any purchase of Legacy. As an added bonus, our system will keep track of every visitor you refer for the next year so if they come back during that time to buy Legacy, you will still get credit for it.

This is an amazing opportunity and very easy to setup. To sign up please read through our policies and conditions and then continue to the sign up page. Please be assured that we will keep all of your information in the strictest of confidence. It will be used for in house reasons only and never sold or given to a third party. We value your privacy.

Sign Up Today: http://www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/AffiliateProgram.asp


  • Fixing Bad Relationship Links in Your Family File

    Bad relationship links can creep into your family file in different ways. For example, you may import a GEDCOM file that contains an individual linked by someone else to the wrong parents or wrong spouse. Furthermore, superfluous marriages can result when, for example, Mrs. Molly A. Bracegirdle, Mollie (no surname), Mary A. Jones, and "Unknown" are in reality the same individual and that her husband Albert Franklin Bracegirdle was married only once; not four times. In this case, individuals who should have been merged are not. In addition, bad relationship links can be created during a Merge session when, for instance, Albert Franklin Bracegirdle III is inadvertently merged with his grandfather Albert Franklin Bracegirdle I. When this happens, Albert is now "married" to his grandmother and has become, in effect, his own grandpa.

Bad relationship links are the most common cause of errors in reports and charts where expected persons or families lines are missing or are incorrect.

· Finding the Problem Links

A simple visual inspection of your data can be the best defense against faulty relationships. As you examine family groups ask yourself: Are the children spread over too large a time period (more than 20 years)? Are there too many children for one mother (15, 20 or more)? Are there big gaps in the births of the children (5, 10 or more years)? Are there too many spouses for the husband or wife?

Visually inspect the Marriage List and sort it first by the husbands. Does a man have multiple wives with the same first names (or variants)? Do you know the full names of each wife or only the first name? Are some of these wives actually the same individual? Now sort the Marriage List by the wives and repeat the process.  Make a note of the suspicious marriages.  You can unlink "bad" marriages by clicking on the Options button and selecting "Remove the Marriage Link."  In addition you can click on the Spouses button in the lower left corner of the Husband or Wife box when in Family View, then highlight the "bad" marriage and click the Unlink button.

We strongly encourage users to turn on the Potential Problems message option in Legacy. This will warn you about some of the more common data entry errors, like a death date before a birth date. To make certain this option is selected, click on Options and select Customize from the drop-down menu. Next click on the Other tab in the Customize screen and click "Turn on or off Optional Reminder Mesages." Next select the Messages tab and check the "Display Potenial Problems when saving individual entries and edits." Save your options changes. Be aware that the Potential Problems warning won't catch everything... especially pre-existing problems.

The Potential Problems Report is another useful tool that will flag individuals with warnings that may be an indication of a faulty relationship link or other serious error. Some of the messages you might see include (but are not limited to):

· Individual Born when a Parent was younger than 13
· Birth Date After Death Date
· Birth Date After Mother is 50
· Birth Date After Parents Death Date
· Birth Date Before Marriage Date of Parents
· Birth Date More than 20 years after Marriage Date of Parents
· Christening Date Before Birth Date
· Married Before Age 13
· The marriage date is after the death date of this individual
· Death Date After Age 120
· Burial Date Before Death Date

To print a Potential Problems Report:

 1. Choose Potential Problems... from the Books/Other tab on the Reports menu.
 2. Set the options.
 3. Click either Print or Preview to view the report.

· Fixing Relationship Problems by Unlinking and Linking to Existing Persons

Without thinking many users just delete any individual who is linked to the wrong spouse or parents. Deleting removes them and all their vital data from the family file. One of the major problems using this approach is that other important relationships may be broken in the process. For example, if you delete a man who is listed with the wrong parents, you will also delete him as the husband to his wife and the father to his children. This only creates new problems you will have to deal with.

The best approach is to simply unlink this individual from the wrong parents, which leaves him in the family file without loosing any of his information or breaking other relationships, and then link him to the correct parents. To successfully unlink and then re-link an individual, you need to know to their RIN number. The RIN number can be found in the left column of the Name List or in the Title Bar of the Individual's Information screen. Jot this number on a piece of scratch paper.

Next click on Edit in the Menu Bar. You will notice several items on the pull-down Edit menu, including Delete, Unlink and "Swap Husband and Wife." Choosing Delete completely removes the current Husband, Wife or a Child from the family file as previously explained. Do not use this option unless you really mean to permanently eliminate this individual.

On the other hand, choosing Unlink will let you undo a faulty relationship of the Husband, Wife or a Child without loosing their data. This is almost always the better choice. Use the "Swap Husband and Wife" option when the gender of a married couple becomes inverted and you want to switch them back.

By clicking on Add on the Menu Bar you will notice several items on the pull-down Add menu, including Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter. Selecting one of these displays a dialog box where you can choose to "Add a NEW person" or "Link to an EXISTING person." Choose "Link to an EXISTING person" which will open the Name List. Next select the person you want. This process will avoid the problem of creating a duplicate record for someone already in your family file. Only if the person you want to link to is NOT in the Name List should you then use "Add a NEW person."

· Fixing Relationship Problems by Merging Records

Remember the example where Mrs. Molly A. Bracegirdle, Mollie (no surname), Mary A. Jones, and "Unknown" are actually the same person? By knowing their RIN numbers you can manually merge three of these records into one quite easily. Simply click Merge on the Tool Bar and select Manual Merge from the pull-down Merge menu. The current individual will be automatically loaded on the left side of the Merge Two Individuals window. You must now select the second individual by clicking the Select Right button and choosing the name from the Name List. Refer to the RIN numbers to make certain you have the correct individuals. If you need to double-check additional information about these individuals click on the tabs for Family, Events and etc. Only when you are sure that the two records represent the same person should you click "Merge Right Individual Into Left Individual."

Please note that "Unknown" cannot be merged because it it not a record; however, there may be children linked to this marriage. If this is the case, the easiest way around this obstacle is to give the "Unknown" spouse her correct name (thus creating new, duplicate record) and then manually merge it. Only if there are no children linked to a marriage with "Unknown" can the marriage be safely deleted.

Further guidance is available in Legacy by clicking on Help on the Menu Bar and selecting "Search For Help On."  By entering the keys words like Link, Unlink, Duplicate, Merge or Potential Problems you can jump right to these topics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

  • Global Spell Checking

    You can have Legacy run through your entire family file and check the spelling on any note type field. You can even stop and resume at will.

    To globally spell check a specific type of information in your family file, click in Tools and select Global Spell Check... from the pulldown menu. Next please:

    1. Select the field you want to check in the Spell Check dropdown list.

    2. Click the Start Spell Check button. Legacy then checks the spelling in the specified field throughout the entire file, displaying misspelled words and suggesting the correct spelling.

    There are more than 100 different fields that you can choose from to spell check. Clicking the down arrow to the right of the Spell Check box displays the entire list. Additional guidance is available by clicking the Help button.

    Global Spell Checking is a feature of Legacy Deluxe Edition only. It is not available in the free Standard Edition. To order the Deluxe Edition, please visit our Online Store or call 1 425 788-2121 (toll-free 1 800 753-3453 in the US).


Do you have an expert tip to share? Send your ideas to Jim@LegacyFamilyTree.com. We'd love to include it in our newsletter and on our Web site. We are looking for short, simple things everyone can do to improve they way they use Legacy, but may not have thought about.


  • Take a Look at Our Busy International Calendar for April 2005....

• 3 April -  Clark County, Washington, Genealogical Society Legacy Interest Group
The Legacy Family Tree Interest Group meets from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the first Monday of each month.
CCGS library
717 Grand Boulevard in Vancouver, Wash.
No reservations necessary, but we would like to know if you're coming. Please contact ikie4@netzero.net

• 5 April - Logan Legacy Users Group, 7:30 pm in the Logan Utah Regional Family History Center located in the basement of the Tabernacle at:
  50 N. Main
  Logan, Utah
For more information or to suggest items for discussion, contact: Sheri Lynn Lemon, email sherilemon@comcast.net

• 7 April - Sacramento Legacy Users Group, 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
  Mission Oaks Community/Senior Center
  4701 Gibbons, Carmichael, CA 95608
Contact: Elizabeth Kohler at EKKohler@yahoo.com

• 7 April - South King County, Legacy Users Group, 10:30 a.m.
The Church of Latter-Day Saints, 24419 94th Ave S, Kent, Washington, USA
Contact: Bob Sjolin at rsjolin@msn.com

• 9 April - Provo, Utah, Legacy Class held after Utah Valley PAF Users Group meeting (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)
4000 North 650 East (Timpview Drive) in Provo, Utah
For more information please visit www.uvpafug.org/meeting.htm

9 April - Oklahoma City Legacy User Group, 11:00-12:00, following 9:00-11:00 Oklahoma City PC Users Group (OKCPCUG) Genealogy SIG.
Suite 201, Center 3000 Building
3000 United Founders Boulevard (NW 57th and N. May Ave)
Contact Joanne at okclug@att.net or La Nell at nellgen2@cox.net for details.

• 11 April -  Burbank, Calif., Legacy Users Group
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Southern California Genealogy Society Bldg.
417 Irving Drive, Burbank, Calif. 91504.
Contact Charlene Patterson at Charsroots@earthlink.net or
Rich Schulthies at fourpartz@earthlink.net

• 14-16 April - Akron Ohio: 2005 Ohio Genealogical Society Conference. Come visit Millennia's booth. See http://ogs.org/2005conf.php for more information.

• 23-24 April - Edmonton, Alberta: Alberta Genealogical Society Conference 2005. Millennia's Geoff Rasmussen will speak on the following subjects: Mapping your Ancestors, 12-Step Checklist to Using a Genealogy Computer Program, and Marketing your Ancestors. See www.abgensoc.ca for more information.

• 16 April - Calgary, Alta., Legacy Users Group, 7:00 p.m.
Alberta Family History Center Library
Southminster United Church
3818-14a Street SW, Calgary, Alta.
Contact: Charles Aubin at cwaubin@3web.net.

• 16 April - Legacy Family Tree Workshop at Global Genealogy in Campbellville, Ontario. Workshop leader is Rick Roberts and the fee is Cdn $30.00.  For more details, please see the agenda at http://globalgenealogy.com/workshops/index.htm.

•  20 April - Melbourne, Australia, Legacy Users Group, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm in the meeting will be held in the Meeting Room at the Genealogical Society of Victoria, 257 Collins Street, Melbourne, level B1. (Please use the lifts nearest to Collins Street as the others do not go to B1.) There is a small charge to cover meeting room fees.  For more information please contact Tom and Libby Luke at tomluke@optusnet.com.au.

• 25 April - Kitsap County, Washington Legacy User Group
Contact Lynn N. Ramey at dar0643@earthlink.net for more information.

• 25 April - Family History Society of Arizona, Glendale Chapter. Millennia's Geoff Rasmussen will present "Organizing, Planning, and Publishing with Legacy Family Tree."  Held at the Glendale Adult Center in Room 102, across the street from the Glendale Public Library. Contact Carolyn.Grace@dvusd.org for more information.

• 30 April - Kapiti, New Zealand, 2:00 p.m., Masonic Hall, Tararua Street, Paraparaumu (on the east of the railway line). The hall will be open at 1.00 p.m. for a cup of tea or coffee. The entry charge is $3.00. Please contact Agnes and Brett Robinson at amrbmclr@ihug.co.nz for details.

• Auckland, New Zealand, Legacy Users Group
Contact Jan Gow: phone 09 521 1518 or e-mail jangow@genealogy.net.nz with LUG meeting as the subject if you would like to be on the mailing list.

• Boston Legacy Users Group
Contact: John Lisle, jbl@tqsi.com or Julie Michutka, jmm@pathbridge.net

• German Legacy Users Group (Yahoo E-mail Group)
To subscribe please visit send a subscribe message to

• Kapiti, New Zealand, Legacy Users Group
Please contact Shirley Dixon (co-ordinator) at sandh_dixon@yahoo.co.nz for details.

• Nederlandse Gebruikersgroep van Legacy

Op deze website vindt U alles wat nodig is om de Nederlandse versie van Legacy te krijgen. Wanneer u zich aanmeldt als “tester” dan kunt u ook via de mailing list deelnemen aan de discussies voor het verbeteren van de Nederlandse vertaling van Legacy, maar ook kunt er terecht met uw vragen over Legacy. Deze kunt u gewoon in het Nederlands stellen.
Voor meer informatie: www.rob-hubert.nl/legacy

• Norway Legacy Users Group
Visit the Norwegian Legacy web site that is packed with news, tips, help pages and a user forum you can participate in.

For information on new groups that may be forming in your area, please visit www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/UsersGroup.asp .


  • Counting Ancestors....

Goldilocks had three bears.
     Genealogists have forebears.

(Humor from the Genealogy Daily Calendar, available from our Online Store).

If you have a good genealogy joke or anecdote to share, please send it to Jim@LegacyFamilyTree.com


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