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  • National Genealogical Society Annual Conference, June 1- 4
  • Cruise the Caribbean and Have Fun Learning Legacy from the Experts


  • Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian
  • Legacy's New Wall Chart Printing Service!
  • Genealogy Training Videotape Blowout Sale


  • Keepers of the Lights
  • Obituaries at the Cleveland Public Library



  • Death Records Need To Be Verified
  • Focus Groups in Legacy



  • Take a Look at Our Busy International Calendar for June 2005....


  • Arrested Development.....




  • National Genealogical Society Annual Conference in the States, June 1- 4

Next week Geoff Rasmussen and Jim Terry of Millennia Corp. will be at the National Genealogical Society's 27th Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, in combination with GENTECH 2005. The events will be held 1-4 June 2005 at the Nashville Convention Center. This year's theme is Tennessee Crossroads.

Many vendors and societies will in attendance. They will bring many and varied products for genealogists. Software products will assist not only in recording your genealogy, but also for researching. The expanding series of publications, indexes and databases will be available, in addition to preservation materials, books, maps, and memorabilia.

Geoff Rasmussen will teach a beginning and intermediate Legacy class.

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  • Cruise the Caribbean and Have Fun Learning Legacy from the Experts

Sail away on a seven-day Eastern Caribbean cruise aboard Carnival’s stately Victory ship, which leaves Miami, Florida on Sunday, 16 October 2005. In addition to cruising through the Caribbean Sea’s, you will have the opportunity to visit the ports of San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, NA and St. Thomas, USVI.  Each port has many exciting shore excursions.  

Classes will also teach you many of the powerful features of Legacy that will really help you advance your genealogical research. You will learn a lot and have a great time doing it.

Prices begin at US $517.00 per person, double occupancy port charges, taxes and Legacy classes included in this price for inside cabin.

• Inside cabin at the rate of US $517.00 per person.
• Ocean view cabin at the rate of $796.00 per person.
• Balcony cabin at the rate of $797.00 per person.

Port charges, taxes and Legacy classes included in all prices.  When the above cabins have sold the rate will be a lot higher if any are available, so take advantage of these low rates while they last!  Last year we sold out of all 100 booked cabins very quickly.  The rates are for the cruise only.  Air and ground transportation to and from the cruise are additional.  Optional pre-cruise or post-cruise hotel packages are available.

Last years September 2004 Cruise was completely sold out. Please make your reservation now in order to be one of the lucky ones to come with us in October of 2005. We have negotiated these special prices for the first 100 cabins and the rates are guaranteed so don't delay reserving your space. This price is guaranteed only until we run out of the reserved cabins and space is quickly filling up. Don't miss out on this great opportunity.

You may elect to pay the entire amount now or hold your cabin and lock in the price by paying only a $300.00 deposit.

You can download the cruise application form at this link. http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/cruiseorderform.asp  (after printing the form just click your browser's back button to return to this page).

In order to book your cruise we need for you to print this authorization form (click here for order form) and simply fill it out and fax it to Travelworks International Attn: Christy at 1-888-505-6997.

Once you have faxed in your form we will send you out your cruise confirmation. Boarding passes will be shipped directly to your home prior to sailing. If you have any more questions feel free to contact our office.


  • Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian by Elizabeth Shown
    Mills - $16.95

    Click here for more informationEvidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian by Elizabeth Shown
    Mills sets a new standard for source citation and documentation. In this
    indispensable guide Mills, the editor of the National Genealogical Society
    Quarterly, sets forth:

    1. Up-to-date standards for acceptable citation.
    2. Essential source citation formats - including electronic sources like
    e-mail and databases.
    3. The principles of evidentiary analysis.

    It goes without saying that accurate source citation will greatly enhance
    the quality of your genealogical research. Evidence! will help you achieve
    this goal. This must-have reference is written for all family history
    researchers and genealogists alike -- no matter what their experience

    For more information or to order, please point your browser to:

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  • Legacy's New Wall Chart Printing Service!

    Millennia is excited to announce our new wall chart printing service. We
    have teamed up with Family ChartMasters to bring you heirloom-quality charts.
    Choose your favorite style, upload your genealogy data file, and we'll do
    the rest!

    Working Charts will significantly improve your genealogical research,
    especially our exclusive Generation Map... the most exciting new tool in
    genealogy. Paper for all working charts is a sturdy high quality 20 lb.
    bond paper that retains colors, lines and text with precision. Choose up
    to 18 generations. These charts are 42 inches wide with varying lengths.
    Large box-style Descendancy Charts with up to 4 generations and 24" high x
    length of file are also available. (Please check with us for more
    generations on Descendancy charts.)

    Heirloom Charts are created to your exact specifications. Create an
    expression of your family that you will enjoy and treasure for years to
    come. Heirloom charts are handcrafted and adjusted to fit your design
    choices, genealogy data and pictures. After you place an order we email you
    with a web page for previewing your chart.

    Other chart styles available include Pedigree, Bowtie, Fan, Hourglass,
    StepAdoption (showing both biological and step or adoptive lines), and
    Wedding, Circle and Kindred Trails Color Track System.

    Please visit http://familychartmasters.com for more information and ordering.

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  • Genealogy Training Videotape Blowout Sale

    Save $4.00 on each of these great genealogy training videotapes while the supply lasts! 

Find Out More• Barbara Renick's Guide to Genealogy Information On-line Was $14.95 - Now $10.95!

Barbara Renick discusses types of databases on the Internet that can be used for genealogy research.  Click Here to order.

Find Out More• On-line Reference Tools For Genealogy With Barbara Renick Was $14.95 - Now $10.95!

In this video Barbara Renick will explain the types of reference tools available to genealogists on the Internet.  Click Here to order.

Find Out More
• Publishing Your Family History on Line Was $14.95 - Now $10.95!

In this amazing video Richard S. Wilson teaches you how to publish your own family history on the Internet.  Click Here to order. 

Find Out More• Windows for Genealogists Was $14.95 - Now $10.95!

Rhonda McClure teaches the viewer basic Windows understanding.  Click Here to order.

• Finding Your Family History in the Attic Was $19.95 - Now $14.95!

Learn from Tony Burroughs how to 'Get Started' finding your family history in the closest place possible -- your own home!  Click Here to order


  • Keepers of the Lights

Legacy user John Coldwell (a retired lighthouse keeper from British Columbia, Canada) writes, "If anybody's relations were in the North American lighthouse service then a good source for names is the 'Lighthouse Digest' database (Canada, USA and worldwide): http://www.lhdigest.com/database/searchdatabase.cfm."

Your Legacy News editor likes lighthouses and I have visited the Lighthouse Depot in Wells, Maine, but I never realized this fun store also sponsors the Lighthouse Explorer Database (AKA the 'Lighthouse Digest' database). This Internet resource is the world's largest lighthouse database online, with information about 49 thousand plus lighthouses from all over the world (and more being added a regular intervals). The web site provides four ways to search for lighthouse information: keyword, categories, directions and history), state and country.

I went to the web site and typed in "Admiralty Head" (a light house about 15 miles from my home here on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound). In a moment I was looking at search results. Clicking the More Info link took me to another web page with a picture of the Admiralty Head Light, a complete description, directions, historical information AND a list of lighthouse keepers.

John Coldwell adds, "A much smaller listing which I am hosting is only British Columbia, Canada lighthouse keepers (879 names so far): http://members.linzag.net/679185/frm_Lightkeepers.html."

Jim Terry
Legacy News Editor

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  • Obituaries at the Cleveland Public Library

The Cleveland Public Library has a searchable necrology file, for you genealogists doing research on family in Ohio. To access the file go to http://www.cpl.org/ and click on "The Necrology File" near the bottom of the page. The file covers the following death notices: The Cleveland Plain Dealer - 1850-1975, The Cleveland Herald - 1833, 1847-1848, 1876, 1878-1879, and The Cleveland Press - 1941-1975. (Resource information post-1975 is available elsewhere and linked from the File page.)

You may not search this database by date, but you may search it by name. An interesting twist is that you may also search it by keyword. Search results include ID# for the notice, name, date, source, and "notes", which appears to be the text of the notice. You may save records of interest and then e-mail them to yourself or somebody else.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz (May 24, 2005): http://www.researchbuzz.org/genealogy.shtml


The Legacy Affiliate Program is a free opportunity that allows you to earn money by placing a Legacy button or banner on your site. Text links are also available for e-mail messages. When visitors click on the link and buy Legacy in the Online Store, you will make a commission on each purchase -- 15% on every order that originated from your affiliate button or banner.

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How do I sign up?

• Read the Affiliate Program Agreement.
• Fill out the easy online form.
• Once we accept your application, we'll provide you with all the tools you need.

Sign Up Today: http://www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/AffiliateProgram.asp


  • Death Records Need To Be Verified

    Death registrations belong to a record category known as "vital records." In the 19th century, laws requiring registrations of death varied greatly from state or province, and country to country.

    As time progressed death registrations tend to include more information, such the age of the deceased, the date and place of birth, the name of the parents, the occupation of the deceased, the name of the spouse, the name of the person providing the information, etc.

    Death records are key to locating obituaries, which may invaluable information about the deceased. Death records also provide the cause of death, critical when documenting genetic predisposition to disease.

    Although death registrations generally can be relied for an accurate death date, information about the names and birth places of parents -- and even the birth place and age of the deceased -- are frequently inaccurate. Other sources, like cemetery, church, probate, pension, mortuary and Social Security records should be searched when information from a death certificate is suspect and needs to be verified.

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  • Focus Groups in Legacy

    Focus Groups are a handy way of singling out selected individuals, families and branches of your family tree for special jobs, like exporting a GEDCOM file. A Focus Group is a group built by selecting individuals, families, ancestors or descendants. The contents of a Focus Group determine who will be exported to a file or printed on a report. A Focus Group can contain as few as one individual or the entire contents of the Family File. An individual and all his/her ancestors can be added to the group with a single selection.

    The Focus Group window can be reached from two locations.

    1. From the Export window, click Record Selection, choose the Selected Records Contained in the Focus Group option, and then click View/Set Focus Group.
    2. From the Select a Report window when either the Individual or Family tab is selected. Click the Record Selection button, choose the Focus Group Records option and then click Edit.
    3. Choose Focus Group from the View menu.
    4. From the Miscellaneous Searches tab of the Search window, choose the Focus Group option and then click View/Set Focus Group.

    To add an individual or family or family line to the Focus Group, click one of the six Add buttons. The Add A Selection to the Focus Group window appears. Fill in the desired information and click OK. A Focus Group can hold up to 100 entry lines:

    • Add an Individual.
    • Add an Individual and Ancestors.
    • Add a Family.
    • Add an Individual and Descendants.
    • Add Current Search Results.
    • Add an Individual and Entire Family Line
    (This is the same as selecting both the Entire Ancestor Line and the Entire Descendant Line, including all spouses and siblings).

    Additional information is available by clicking the Help button in the Focus Group window.

    Additional tips can be found at http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/Tips.asp.


Do you have an expert tip to share? Send your ideas to Jim@LegacyFamilyTree.com. We'd love to include it in our newsletter and on our Web site. We are looking for short, simple things everyone can do to improve they way they use Legacy, but may not have thought about.


  • Take a Look at Our Busy International Calendar for June 2005....

• 1- 4 June - The National Genealogical Society Annual Conference in the States in Nashville, Tennessee, in combination with GENTECH 2005. Geoff Rasmussen of Millennia Corp. will teach a beginning and intermediate Legacy class.

• 2 June - Sacramento Legacy Users Group, 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
  Mission Oaks Community/Senior Center
  4701 Gibbons, Carmichael, CA 95608
Contact: Elizabeth Kohler at EKKohler@yahoo.com

• 2 June - South King County, Legacy Users Group, 10:30 a.m.
The Church of Latter-Day Saints, 24419 94th Ave S, Kent, Washington, USA
Contact: Bob Sjolin at rsjolin@msn.com

• 6 June Clark County, Washington, Genealogical Society Legacy Interest Group
The Legacy Family Tree Interest Group meets from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the first Monday of each month.
CCGS library
717 Grand Boulevard in Vancouver, Wash.
No reservations necessary, but we would like to know if you're coming. Please contact ikie4@netzero.net

• 7 June - Logan Legacy Users Group, 7:30 pm in the Logan Utah Regional Family History Center located in the basement of the Tabernacle at:
  50 N. Main
  Logan, Utah
For more information or to suggest items for discussion, contact: Sheri Lynn Lemon, email sherilemon@comcast.net

• 11 June - Provo, Utah, Legacy Class held after Utah Valley PAF Users Group meeting (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)
4000 North 650 East (Timpview Drive) in Provo, Utah
For more information please visit www.uvpafug.org/meeting.htm

• 11 June - Oklahoma City Legacy User Group, 11:00-12:00, following 9:00-11:00 Oklahoma City PC Users Group (OKCPCUG) Genealogy SIG.
Suite 201, Center 3000 Building
3000 United Founders Boulevard (NW 57th and N. May Ave)
Contact Joanne at okclug@att.net or La Nell at nellgen2@cox.net for details.

• 13 June Burbank, Calif., Legacy Users Group
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Southern California Genealogy Society Bldg.
417 Irving Drive, Burbank, Calif. 91504.
Contact Charlene Patterson at Charsroots@earthlink.net or
Rich Schulthies at fourpartz@earthlink.net

•  15 June - Calgary, Alta., Legacy Users Group, 7:00 p.m.
Alberta Family History Center Library
Southminster United Church
3818-14a Street SW, Calgary, Alta.
Contact: Charles Aubin at cwaubin@3web.net.

•  15 June - Melbourne, Australia, Legacy Users Group, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm in the meeting will be held in the Meeting Room at the Genealogical Society of Victoria, 257 Collins Street, Melbourne, level B1. (Please use the lifts nearest to Collins Street as the others do not go to B1.) There is a small charge to cover meeting room fees.  For more information please contact Tom and Libby Luke at tomluke@optusnet.com.au.

• 25 June - Kapiti, New Zealand, 2:00 p.m., Masonic Hall, Tararua Street, Paraparaumu (on the east of the railway line). The hall will be open at 1.00 p.m. for a cup of tea or coffee. The entry charge is $3.00. Please contact Agnes and Brett Robinson at amrbmclr@ihug.co.nz for details.

• 27 June - Kitsap County, Washington Legacy User Group
Contact Lynn N. Ramey at dar0643@earthlink.net for more information.

• Auckland, New Zealand, Legacy Users Group
Contact Jan Gow: phone 09 521 1518 or e-mail jangow@genealogy.net.nz with LUG meeting as the subject if you would like to be on the mailing list.

• Boston Legacy Users Group
Contact: John Lisle, jbl@tqsi.com or Julie Michutka, jmm@pathbridge.net

• German Legacy Users Group (Yahoo E-mail Group)
To subscribe please visit send a subscribe message to

• Nederlandse Gebruikersgroep van Legacy

Op deze website vindt U alles wat nodig is om de Nederlandse versie van Legacy te krijgen. Wanneer u zich aanmeldt als “tester” dan kunt u ook via de mailing list deelnemen aan de discussies voor het verbeteren van de Nederlandse vertaling van Legacy, maar ook kunt er terecht met uw vragen over Legacy. Deze kunt u gewoon in het Nederlands stellen.
Voor meer informatie: www.rob-hubert.nl/legacy

• Norway Legacy Users Group
Visit the Norwegian Legacy web site that is packed with news, tips, help pages and a user forum you can participate in.

For information on new groups that may be forming in your area, please visit www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/UsersGroup.asp .


  • Arrested Development....

    "Finding the place a person really lived may lead to finding that person's arrest record."

-- William Dollarhide

(Humor from the Genealogy Daily Calendar, available from our Online Store).

If you have a good genealogy joke or anecdote to share, please send it to Jim@LegacyFamilyTree.com


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