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Passage Express, the long awaited Version 2 of Family History CD is here!

Do you have computer files that you'd like to share with others -- maybe Legacy information, documents, pictures, audio/video clips, family trees, or other files? Why not create your own interactive, customized CD-ROM with Passage Express for Legacy?  With Passage Express it's easy to create high-quality, interactive multimedia presentations using your family's historical materials...

Passage Express is a new software product developed by the Jefferson Project, the makers of Family History CD.  Passage Express' state-of-the-art features and tools enable you to do the following and more:

  • Publish small or large amounts of information in an attractive CD or DVD presentation format 
  • Create slideshows and documentaries complete with background music and narration 
  • More effectively organize and document photographs with face labels, captions and dates 
  • Publish genealogy data, video clips, audio recordings, histories and more 
  • Create beautiful graphics for your projects' title screens, adding buttons and separate pages that will link to your files

Passage Express makes it easy to create your own interactive, customized CD-ROM . It guides you through the steps of organizing and labeling your files, and helps you design your own creative front page with buttons linking to the files. Passage Express will burn auto-run CD's for you that will work on any Windows computer (Windows 95 or later). The features of this software make using your CD a snap. Your friends and relatives just point and click!

With applications going far beyond genealogy, this software helps you organize your CD project. It helps you easily design your own custom front page with buttons linking to your files.

You can include:

Audio/video clips
GEDCOM files
Scanned scrapbooks
Or any other file!

Features include:

Automatic slide shows
Face Labels (as shown here)
Built-in PDF support
Burns the CD's for you
Enhanced 'Help' system
Fast and easy to use
Powerful and customizable
GenViewer Lite
And more!

For more information Click Here.

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