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Family File Information

The Family File Information window shows you many statistics concerning the current Family File.

To view the Family File Information Report:

From the Help menu, choose About then click on General Information.


The name entered by the user when registering the program.


The Legacy version number.

Build Date

The date of the Legacy build. Check this date with the date on the download update page to see if you need to download a new Update. When we add new features to Legacy we put the new update on our web site so our users can download and use the latest version.

Customer Number

Your Customer Number as assigned by Millennia. This is the number you entered during the installation process. If you call for technical support, you will need to give this number to the person answering your call.

Family File

The complete drive and path location of your current Family File.

Legacy Path

The complete drive and path location of the Legacy program files.

Content Information

The content section shows:

  • The number of individual records in the current Family File.
  • The number of Families (marriages).
  • The number of unique surnames (just for fun).
  • The number of Master Source entries.

Printing a Report

You can print a report showing the information from this window by pressing the Report button at the bottom.

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