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1. Nathan Brown & Molly Clark
2. William Brown & Catherine Sabin

1. Elizabeth Reynolds

2. Eleanor Huppenan

Asa Clark Brown 3,4,5,6

  • Born: 11 Oct 1792, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut 2,4,7,8,9
  • Marriage: (1): Elizabeth Reynolds 1810-1815
  • Marriage: (2): Eleanor Huppenan 8 Mar 1832, Tionesta, Venango, Pennsylvania 1,2
  • Died: 8 Mar 1866, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, at age 73 1,2
  • Buried: Mar 1866, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota 9

bullet   Another name for Asa was Clark.


bullet  Research Notes:


According to the 1820 Census of Allegheny, Venango, Pennsylvania, Asa was head of the house consisting of 3 males under age ten, 1 male age 26-45, and one female age 16-26. This enumeration suggests that Asa married prior to 1820. He was not found in the 1810 Census of Connecticut or surrounding states so he was probably married after 1810. This clue, coupled with the following statement from Mabel Hilton's letter to Virginia Larsen dated 9 Oct 1957 instigated further research, “he had one other wife but don’t know the name.”

The 1865 Census of Minnesota brought the next clue to a possible first family. Though it provides only the names of the household members and their gender, three families away from Asa was Wm C. Brown. William, born 3 Apr 1841 in Scrubgrass, Venango, Pennsylvania was Asa’s third child with Eleanor. Living with William is Minna F. (his wife) and Lorenzo. Since family relationships or ages were not listed, efforts began to identify who Lorenzo was.

Lorenzo D. BROWN was listed in the Civil War pension index, and while his voluminous pension papers did not indicate parentage, his immediate family was constructed with these documents. Lorenzo D. BROWN was married to Susannah FRANTZ, daughter of Jacob and Susanna. They were married 3 Aug 1843 in Venango County, Pennsylvania and had at least five children. Most importantly, was an affidavit signed by his daughter, Minnie, where she stated his birth date and place as 9 Jul 1822 in Tionesta, Pennsylvania. Tionesta is where Asa and Eleanor were married, and where their first two children were born. A coincidence - maybe, but not likely.

No mention of Lorenzo’s death was in the papers so his death certificate was sent for. Like the censuses, his occupation listed on his death certificate was that of minister. The William C. with whom he was living in 1865 was also a minister. The certificate listed Lorenzo’s father as A.C. BROWN. The mother was unknown to M.F. BROWN, the informant and Lorenzo’s fourth child. Though not definitive proof, it is highly likely that A.C. is Asa C. In the majority of records found for Asa, he was listed with his middle initial. Lorenzo’s obituary, explains that he was ordained to the ministry in 1846 in Pennsylvania and came to Minnesota ten years later. He was the pastor of churches at Lakeville, Champlin, Newport, Pine Bend and Maple Grove.

Further evidence was needed to make a more positive connection of Lorenzo D. to Asa C. This evidence began by ordering the Civil War pension files for an Asa D. BROWN. At the time, this individual had not been identified as part of the family, but he was the only Asa BROWN in the thousands of index entries. The pension file included Asa D.’s death certificate and other important affidavits. The certificate listed his date of birth as 4 Jan 1838 in Pennsylvania, and his death as 8 Feb 1908 in Chanhassen, Carver, Minnesota. Asa D.’s father is listed as Nathan R. BROWN. Nathan’s birth could be estimated as twenty years earlier, or about 1818. Again, the listing of middle initials is very common for the Asa C. BROWN family, and both Asa D. and Nathan R. follow this trend. One document in Asa D.’s files was an affidavit signed by Milton F. BROWN. The document stated that Milton was Asa’s cousin. This Milton is probably Lorenzo’s son. If this is true, then Lorenzo D. and Nathan R. would be brothers.

Nathan R. BROWN also served in the Civil War. His pension papers revealed that he was born in Pennsylvania. Included was a marriage license and record of Nathan’s second marriage to Hannah M GRAY, daughter of William C. and Elizabeth A. GRAY. The marriage license listed Nathan’s parents as Asa C. BROWN and Elizabeth REYNOLDS. This too, would mean that Lorenzo’s parents were the same, and we now have Asa’s first wife’s name. Elizabeth must have died before March 1832 as Asa was remarried to Eleanor by this time.


The records of Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut (including Woodstock's history, its vital records, and the family compilations in the vital records) list just three children of Nathan BROWN and Mrs. Polly CLARK: Asa, Rebeckah, and Samuel Miller. Samuel was born 11 Jul 1795. It was unlikely during this time to stop having children after just three. Children in these records could have stopped for a few reasons - Nathan or Polly died, they divorced, or the family moved out of the area. An entry in William C. BROWN's diary of Woodstock (not identical to Asa C's son) mentions a marriage of a Polly BROWN to Aaron PHILLIPS on 11 Jan 1798. This brought the possibility that Nathan died and Polly remarried, so Nathan's death was searched first. Searches were made in Woodstock's vital records and in the probate districts from 1794 to 1800 to find any indication that he may have died. The only possibility was a Nathan BROWN, who was probated in 1795 in Brooklyn, just ten miles south of Woodstock. However, this Nathan was born abt 1788. Nathan probably did not die. Back to the BROWN-PHILLIPS marriage. The Woodstock vital records list this marriage as Aaron PHILLIPS to Mrs. Polly BROWN, making the possibility that Polly remarried even stronger. A search of the International Genealogical Index (IGI) strengthens this connection. As part of this marriage entry, a James Polly BROWN is listed as a submitter to this record. This same submitter was listed on Asa C. BROWN's entry in the IGI. One of Aaron's individual entries listed Aaron's parents are listed as Andrew BROWN and Ruth RAWSON, and his wife is listed as Polly BROWN. He being a son of Andrew BROWN does not seem correct. The History of Woodstock Connecticut, included information on Andrew BROWN's family: Andrew BROWN was born 15 Aug 1752, died 7 Jul 1830 and married 3 Oct 1776 to Ruth RAWSON, who was born in Woodstock 2 Aug 1760 and died 1833. Five children were listed, of which Mary was the eldest. Mary (Polly) was born 28 Sep 1778, married Aaron PHILLIPS Jan 1798, both of Woodstock. So we can conclude that Mary/Polly's maiden name was BROWN, and that she is not our Polly CLARK. The "Mrs." in her marriage entry is probably short for mistress. Other marriages in this locality and time period use the Mrs. prefix even when the bride has not previously married. No other marriages of Polly BROWNs or Polly CLARKs occurred in this area during this time period.

The best possibility is that the small family moved away. Just 13 miles north in Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts is a family where a Nathan BROWN and Polly are the parents. Their first child in Charlton is Alanson BROWN, born 16 Sep 1797, just two years after Samuel Miller BROWN was born in Woodstock. They continued having children: Frank, born 20 Sep 1799; Ruth, born 10 Jul 1801; and Charles, born 12 Apr 1803. Consulting the original records, a notation is listed next to Alanson's birth entry: "at Woodstock, CT". This entry ties the two localities together. The only other Nathan BROWN having children in Charlton was listed as Nathaniel BROWN married to a Ruth. Their first child was in 1814.

The 1800 Census strengthens these new family relationships. The only Nathan BROWN listed in Charlton's enumeration had 4 males under age 10 [Asa, Samuel, Alanson and Frank], 1 male age 25-45 [Nathan] and 1 female age 25-45 [Polly]. Though they are just numbers, this enumeration helps prove that Nathan BROWN and Polly were parents of seven children. The family must have come to Charlton between 1 Oct 1798 and 20 Sep 1799 as Nathan was not listed in the Massachusetts direct tax census of 1798 enumerated on 1 Oct.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Alt. Birth, Abt 1794, , , Kentucky. 10

• Disproven Birth: , , Massachusetts. 3,11,12 The documents that list Asa's birth place as Massachusetts are very far removed from the actual birth date. His son, Lorenzo's death certificate lists his father as born in Massachusetts. His son, David's 1900 census entry lists his father as born in Massachusetts. His son, William's 1880 census entry lists his father as born in Massachusetts. Undoubtedly, these are secondary sources. The family bible and town records give the birth place as Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut.

• Census, 1800, Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts. 13 Nathan Brown; males: 4 under 10 yrs [Asa, Samuel, Alanson, Frank]; 25-45 yrs: 1 [Nathan]; females 25-45: 1 [Molly]

• Census, 1810, Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts. 14 Nathan Brown; males: under 10 yrs: 1 [Charles]; 10-16 yrs: 3 [Samuel, Alanson, Frank]; 16-26 yrs: 1 [Asa]; over 45 yrs: 1 [Nathan]; females: under 10 yrs: 1 [Ruth]; 26-45 yrs: 1 [Molly]

• Military, 15 Sep 1813-9 Nov 1813, , , New York. 15 He was substituted for a man drafted at Cherry Valley, Otsego, New York by the surname of Thomas. Asa was a private in Captain Ezra [or Levi] Adams' Company of New York State Detached Artillery, in the regiment commanded by Colonel E. H. Metcalf. He was drafted at Cherry Valley, Otsego, New York 14 Sep 1813. Marched from Cooperstown, Otsego, New York to Brownsville on Black [River], New York. He was honorably discharged at Brownsville, NY 9 Nov 1813. His discharge certificate was burned when his home burned.

• Census, 1820, Allegheny, Venango, Pennsylvania. 16 Asa Brown; males: under 10 yrs: 3 [?, Nathan, ?]; 26-45 yrs: 1 [Asa]; females: 16-26: 1 [Elizabeth]

• Deed, 2 Sep 1826, , Venango County, Pennsylvania. 17 Walter B. Wright of Sugar Grove Warren County Pennsylvania agrees to build the running geers of a single Sawmill together with The Bulk head for James Wollaston and Asa C. Brown of Venan- go Alleghany on Little Hickory creek on The East side of the river The said writ agrees to do the above work in a good workman like manner. The said Wollaston and Brown is to Board the said Wright and find the saw,d stuff for the above running geers, the said Wright agrees to commence by the fifteenth of November next and finish the above work by the twentieth of December next, the said Wright from the completion of the above work is to have the same together with all the appurtenances belonging thereunto for him- self his heirs, assigns or administrators in security for the well and true payment for the above work.. - In consideration for the above work the said Wollaston and Brown agrees to pay to the said Wright the true sum of Eighty dollars in lawfull mo- ney of the United States by the first day July next in witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this second day of September 1826. Walter B. Wright seal James Wollaston seal Asa C. Brown seal
This is to certify that the within contract is done according to contract and Except of the sameJames Wollaston Asa C. Brown
Due to the within Wright of beaver twenty two dollars and sixty two cents for work done at frameing over and above the within contract - April 30th 1827 James Wollaston Asa C. Brown Recorded 8th June 1827

• Residence, 2 Sep 1826, Allegheny, Venango, Pennsylvania. 17

• Deed, 6 Aug 1832, , Venango County, Pennsylvania. 17 Article of Agreement made and concluded this sixth day of August A.D. 1832 between William Hunter of the one part and Asa C. Brown of the other part, both of Tionesta Township Venango County and State of Penn- -sylvania. Witnesseth that the said William Hunter for the consideration herein after mentioned hereby conveys to the said Asa C. Brown all the right title & claim in law or equity that he does or may possess whether derived from purchase actual settlement or otherwise to all that piece or parcel of land and improvements agreeable to the bounds heretofore claimed by the said Hunter lying on the Allegheny River opposite of James Wollaston being the place on which the said Hunter has for some years past resided also two islands in the Allegheny river, one being the first island below the Hickory town flats and the other lying partly above and along side of an island warranted in the name of David Hun [ink blotch] and now owned by Jesse Dale which said two Islands has been for years past occupied and cultivated by the said Hunter and for which application has been made to the commonwealth and one third of the purchase money paid, together with all and singular the rights privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining and the said William Hunter and his heirs hereby covenants and agrees to warrant the said Asa C. Brown his heirs and assigns in the full enjoyment and peaceable possession of the above described premises against all persons lawfully claiming or to claim the same by through under or from him the said William Hunter and against all such persons the above described premises will warrant and forever defend, for and in consideration whereof the said Asa C. Brown hereby covenants and engages for himself his heirs executors administrations or assigns to pay to the said William Hunter his heirs or assigns the full and lawfull sum of Six hundred Dollars in manner following that is to say on or before the first day of May A.D. 1833 the sum of twenty five Dollars and on or before the fifteenth day of February A.D. 1834 the full amount of one hundred bushels of good merchantable corn, deliverable on the premises hereby conveyed or at any other place the parties may here- -after agree upon, and annually thereafter on the said first day of May the whole sum of twenty five Dollars and on the said fifteenth day of February the like amount of one hundred bushels of corn untill the said sum of Six hundred Dollars without interest shall be fully paid and in default thereof the said Asa C. Brown his heirs or assigns hereby empowers any Justise of the Peace of the Commonwealth, to take cognizance of the said sum as they may respectively become due and to give Judgment and execution on the same as fully and effectually and to all intents and purposes as if separate notes had been given for each sum respectively. In testimony whereof the parties have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and Seals the day and year first before written Executed in presence of Wm Hunter seal Henry Pearson. James L. ChaseAsa C. Brown seal Venango County so personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace in and for said county William Hunter and Asa C. Brown the parties to the foregoing articles of agreement and Severally acknowledged the same as their act and deed in order that it me entered of record according to law- In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Sixth day of August A.D. 1832 ----Robert Watson seal

• Residence, 6 Aug 1832, Tionesta, Venango, Pennsylvania. 18

• Census, 1840, Scrubgrass, Venango, Pennsylvania. 19 Asa C Brown; males: 5-10 yrs: 3 [Joshua, Samuel, ?]; 15-20 yrs: 2 [Lorenzo, ?]; 20-30 yrs: 3 [?, ?, ?]; 50-60 yrs: 1 [Asa]; females: 10-15 yrs: 1 [Hannah]; 15-20 yrs: 3 [Catherine, ?, ?]; 40-50 yrs: 1 [Eleanor]

• Fire, 6 May 1848, , Venango County, Pennsylvania. 20 Asa's house was destroyed by fire. His discharge certificate from the War of 1812 was among the possessions destroyed.

• Census, 12 Aug 1850, Neshannock, Lawrence, Pennsylvania. 10
1) Asa Brown, age 56, male, carpenter, born in Kentucky
2) Eleanor Brown, age 46, female, born in Canada
3) Marsden Brown, age 17, male, labourer, born in Canada
4) Samuel Brown, age 14, male, born in Pennsylvania
5) William Brown, age 9, male, born in Pennsylvania, attended school within year
6) John Brown, age 7, male, born in Pennsylvania, attended school within year
7) David Brown, age 4, male, born in Pennsylvania
8) Frederick Goas, age 19, male, born in Pennsylvania

• Residence, 22 Jun 1852, , Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. 20

• Residence, 24 May 1855, Sharon, Beaver, Pennsylvania. 15

• Residence, 27 Feb 1856, New Brighton, Beaver, Pennsylvania. 5

• Census, 6 Nov 1860, Richfield, Hennepin, Minnesota. 4
1) Asa C. Brown, age 67, male, farmer, $275 personal, born in Connecticut
2) Elnor Brown, age 55, female, born in Canada
3) Wm. C. Brown, age 19, male, student, born in Pennsylvania, attended school within year
4) John W. Brown, age 17, male, student, born in Pennsylvania, attended school within year
5) David C. Brown, age 13, male, born in Pennsylvania, attended school within year
6) Phoebe Dayton, age 13, female, born in Pennsylvania, attended school within year

• Residence, 1865, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. 21 Asa Brown, carpenter, Jackson's Addition


Asa married Elizabeth Reynolds in 1810-1815. (Elizabeth Reynolds was born in 1794-1804 in , , Massachusetts 3,16 and died before Mar 1832.)

Asa also married Eleanor Huppenan, daughter of John Huppenan and Molly Smith, on 8 Mar 1832 in Tionesta, Venango, Pennsylvania 1.,2 (Eleanor Huppenan was born on 11 Jan 1803 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada 2,4,10 and died on 3 Jun 1874 in Saint Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota 1.)

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