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Creating Web Pages with Legacy
by Richard S. Wilson La Habra, California
Reprinted from the NGS Newsletter, Vol. 25, Number 4 (July/August 1999)

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Note: This article was written about Legacy 2.0.  To create Web pages in Legacy 8.0 please click on Internet > Create Web Pages.

The software programmers at Millennia Corporation have added another great feature to their Legacy family tree software program. They offer many options for creating Web pages. Any version newer than April 14, 1999 has the ability to create Web pages.

To create Web pages with the Legacy program: Click on Internet and select 'Create Web Pages.'

Figure 1

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Figure 2

Figure 3

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Figure 4

Next, select Create Web Pages... from that menu. This will open the Web Page Creation screen shown in Figure 1. 

From this screen (the Project tab), you can select all the options you want by clicking on the various tabs. This screen is where you input the title of your Web page and project (which is also where it stores the finished Web pages), the name and address you want to appear on the Web pages, an introductory paragraph, and your e-mail address. You also can select the type of Web pages you will be creating. These are Ancestor, Descendant, Pedigree, Family Group or Individual.

Select the Who tab (see Figure 2). Now you can select which individual’s data you want to include on your Web pages.

From the What tab (see figure 3) you can select all of the important details you want to include on your Web pages. These include such items as pictures, types of notes, names, Gendex file, GEDCOM file, and whether you want to include details about, or just names of living people.

From the Graphics tab you can select the graphics you want to use on your Web pages. You can select a background image, as well as the types of arrows and bullets your pages will use.

From the Formatting tab (see figure 4) you can select the layout or formatting for the pages and surname index that will be created.

From the Title Page tab you can select the main graphic that will be displayed on the main Web page.

From the Links tab (see Figure 5), you can include a link back to your main home page. Legacy also gives you the power to create your own custom headers and footers, as well as the ability to turn their headers and footers off.

The final tab is the Misc. tab (see Figure 6). This tab allows you to very easily create Meta Tags. These are tags that are not shown on the Web page, but they are very important because they are used by search engines to find your site. These are very important because they allow others to find your site easier.

Once you have selected the options for your Web pages from each of the tabs at the top of the Web page creation screen, and make sure you have selected the type of Web pages you want to create from the Web Page Style on the right side of the screen, you click on the Create Web Pages button.


The Web pages will then be created and you will see a dialog box appear that lets you know the Web page creation is complete. Click on the OK button to close the dialog box. The Web pages are stored in the directory specified on the Project tab, in this case c:\legacy\web\wilson (see Figure 1).

Figure 7 is an example of the main Web page that was created in the Ancestor Web page style. This main file is saved Index.htm. Figure 8 is another ancestor Web page that was created. The photographs are actually hyperlinks to larger versions of the same graphic. If someone visiting your Web site wants to see the graphic larger, they simply click on the image.

As usual, the programmers at Legacy are busy adding additional features to their new Web page creation routine. Make sure you download the newest version of the Legacy genealogy program at

Legacy Contact Information:

Millennia Corporation
PO Box 9410
Surprise, AZ 85374
Phone (800) 753-3453
Fax (425) 940-1610










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Figure 5

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Figure 6

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Figure 7

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Figure 8


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