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Name List is the most Advanced Editing System Ever

Experienced Legacy Family Tree users know that all the searching and updating they need to do can be done quickly and efficiently from the program’s Name List. In short, the Name List is a comprehensive genealogical editing system contained right within Legacy.  For example, adding an event, like military service, can done simply by opening the Name List, finding the person, and clicking the Events tab to add the facts concerning enlistment, date and place.

Adding a source can be done just as effortlessly.  Merely click on the Sources tab.  Highlight the event (birth, marriage, etc.) in need of documentation, and click either the “New” or “Cite” button.  The “New” button is for entering a source not yet in the Master Source List.  The “Cite” button is for referencing a source already in the Master List.  Moreover, by checking the “All” box every fact that has or could be assigned a source will be displayed.  By unchecking “All” only records that have a source will show.

Finding an individual using the Name List is even simpler.  If you know a person’s name, just type their last name, and given name, separated by a comma, in the “Last” field.  For instance, entering Alden, Elizabeth in the “Last” field moves the list right to her.  Clicking the Detail tab to the right the Name List shows complete information about her and displays a small three-generation pedigree chart with her father John Alden and mother Priscilla Mullins and Priscilla’s parents William and Alice Mullins. (If John Alden’s parents were known, they would also show.)

Pedigree Chart (in blue, lower right)

Navigating Elizabeth Alden’s family is very easy.  Using the miniature pedigree chart on the Detail tab, you can click on the name of a parent or grandparent to jump to that person in the Name List. Clicking the small blue button in front of Elizabeth’s name moves forward one generation showing Elizabeth Alden and her husband William Pabodie.

The Name List can be sorted by RIN numbers, given names or last names.  Simply press the #, First or Last button at the top of the window, or click inside the text box to the right of each button.  You can also jump to the first name beginning with any letter by pressing the letter buttons above the grid. You can also jump to the beginning or end of the list by pressing the First and Last buttons.  For example, clicking on the “P” button jumps to Pabodie, Elizabeth who is the first individual (by surname) listed in the “P’s.”

The Name List can either contain all the individuals in the entire Family File or just a search subset. To select an individual from the list, highlight the name and press the Select button, or double-click the name in the grid.  The Name List grid has six columns: the RIN number, the individual's full name, their sex and three tag setting columns. The area to the right of the grid contains six or eight tabs of information about the highlighted individual. Some of these have already been mentioned: 

Detail tab

This area shows detailed information about the highlighted individual in the list. It also shows a three-generation pedigree chart and picture button at the bottom.

Edit tab

The Edit area can be used to add or edit information on the currently highlighted person in the Name List. Just type in the information.

Events tab

From here you can add or edit events for the current person.  Events are important happenings in a person's life, such as immigration, naturalization, military service, graduation, or retirement.

Notes tab

General, Research and Medical notes can be added or edited on this tab.  Here you can add lengthy items like biographical sketches or obituaries.

Family tab

This tab shows the parents, siblings, spouses and children for the highlighted person.

Sources tab

You can add source documentation or edit existing sources here.  Adding documentation adds credibility to your work and lets others build upon what you have found.

LDS tab

If you customized Legacy to display LDS information, this tab lets you keep track of the LDS ordinance information.

Temple tab

If you customized Legacy to display LDS information, this is where you can pre-qualify and submit ordinances for temple work.  More about the Temple tab is include further on.


Pressing the Options button brings up a sub-menu with the following:

  • Edit Individual Brings up the Information window for the currently highlighted person. Delete Individual Select this option to delete the current individual from the family file. Before the person is actually removed, a Delete window appears showing any parents, siblings, spouses and children that are currently link to the individual. This is to insure that you know what you are doing. If you really do want to delete the person, press Yes. If you have changed your mind and want to back out, press Cancel.
  • Advanced Deleting... This lets you delete groups of people with a certain tag number or those contained in the current Search List.
  • Advanced Tagging… You can tag or untag any of the three tag levels for an individual by double-clicking the appropriate tag column to the right of each name in the list. Legacy also offers some advanced options for tagging records:
  • Show Search List This option causes the Name List to display the contents of the last search list.
  • Show All Tagged You can choose to limit the Name List contents to just those individuals who are tagged on a certain tag number. Choose 1, 2 or 3.
  • Show All Untagged You can also display only individuals who are untagged on a certain tag number. Again, choose 1, 2 or 3.
  • Set Bookmark Sets a bookmark on the currently highlighted person.
  • Go to Bookmark… Pops up a list of all the people you have bookmarks set on. Highlight the person you want to jump to and press Go To.
  • Zoom You can increase or decrease the type size on the Name List, Tab List or Notes. Larger font sizes are easier to read. Smaller sizes display more information.


This option displays the Search window where you can search for persons, dates or locations.

Printing the Name List Report

You can print a report containing the list of individuals in the grid by pressing the Print. button. The List Report Options window appears where you can select the information you want to include on your report. The information included in the Index Report can be changed by clicking the details buttons on the Detail tab and selecting different ones from the popup lists.

Tagging Records

You can tag or untag any of the three tag levels for an individual by double-clicking the appropriate tag column to the right of each name in the list.

Legacy offers some advanced options for tagging records:

Check the Tag or Untag box to indicate the type of operation you want to perform.

Set the Tag Level to change by using the up and down arrows.

  • Press Individual to tag or untag the current individual.
  • Press Family to tag or untag the current individual, his/her preferred spouse and their children.
  • Press Ancestors to tag or untag all the direct-line ancestors of the current individual.
  • Press Descendants to tag or untag all the descendants of the current individual.
  • Press Everyone in List to tag or untag all the individuals in the grid.

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